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Anne Worsham Richardson’s love of nature and all living creatures was evident in her watercolor paintings of wildlife and birds exhibited in her gallery in the historic district of Charleston, South Carolina. Her ability to recreate nature in her art began when she would entertain herself with drawing as a child in a highchair. As a teenager, she was painting the neighbors’ pets and farm animals. "I would come home from school and there would be a horse or something tied to the fence. I would ask Mother if they wanted the head or the whole animal. Of course, the commission for the whole animal portrait was more." Later after moving to Charleston, SC, Mrs. Richardson began studying nature, especially birds, through the libraries, the museums, and field trips all over the U.S. The career of South Carolina’s most famous bird painter was launched. Now the artist was granted a special Federal permit for the scientific study of birds as they recovered in her sanctuary in Charleston, SC. In her detailed watercolors, you will also observe many species of plant life the artist has studied for her works. The paintings depict wildlife and their habitats.

From showings in museums and art galleries to an exhibit in a castle on Germany’s Danish border, Mrs. Richardson’s paintings have been exhibited all over the world. National Wildlife chose her "California Quail" as Art Print of the Year. Anne Worsham Richardson is South Carolina’s official painter of the State Bird and Flower ("Carolina Wren and Yellow Jessamine") and the State Butterfly ("Yellow Swallow-tailed with Wild Azalea"). In 1991, South Carolina’s Hall of Fame inducted Mrs. Richardson. The Artist presented a color slide lecture to a wide range of audiences. The slide program "My Adventure with Birds" illustrated her wonderfully entertaining experiences as a bird rehabilitator and artist. She has lectured from college campuses to garden clubs. The artist has received commendations for her work as a wildlife conservationist from the U. S. Department of Interior. Anne Worsham Richardson hoped that her paintings may reveal to others in a small way, "an appreciation, and respect for all life, and our need to protect our natural resources"

Anne with Laura Bush in her Gallery 


Anne Worsham Richardson


  • Kennedy Galleries, New York City

  • Southern Art Center Vermont

  • Boston Audubon Society

  • National Wildlife Headquarters

  • Congressional Club, Washington D. C.

  • Columbus Art Museum, Columbus, GA

  • Clayton Museum in St. Louis, MO

  • Florida Audubon Society, Lake Wales, FL

  • Morton Arboretum, Chicago, IL

  • The California State Museum sponsored three solo exhibitions and a twenty-city lecture tour in California

  • Glucksburg, Germany at the invitation of Prince Friedrich Ferdinand zu Schleswig-Holstein.

  • Greenville Art Museum

  • Florence Museum, Florence, SC

  • York County Museum, Rock Hill, SC

  • Gibbes Museum of Art, Charleston, SC

  • Columbia Art Museum, Columbia, SC

  • Pittsfield Art Museum, Pittsfield, MA

  • Pocono Lake Preserve, Pocono, PA

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